Medical Weight Loss



We utilize several tools to assist our patients' weight loss goals, which include the FDA approved pharmaceutical appetite control medication to maximize the results in our weight loss programs. Patients are monitored by our medical practitioner in order to closely track changes and progress.

HCG injections

Frustrated with slow weight loss? Our rapid weight loss program, featuring
pharmaceutical-grade HCG injections, can fast track your medical weight loss. Our
program has helped patients lose up to 45 pounds in 45 days with an average loss of up
to two pounds per day. Under the guidance of our medical provider, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections could do the same for you.

Fat Burning Liposlim Injections

Our injections have three amino acids that are important for a healthy liver since it is responsible for removing fat and toxins out of your body, so the healthier your liver is, the better it will work at liquefying and flushing out the fat. Also, we include vitamin B12 to give you an added boost of energy! This extra energy gets you moving, increases your metabolism and burns more calories. Why injections? Injections are more quickly and easily absorbed as injections then when taken in supplement form.

FIT Testing

Food inflammation testing (FIT) or delayed food sensitivity testing uses methods that detect both IgG antibody and immune complexes to determine the reactivity of each sample against 132 foods, colorings, and additives. This report will assist you and our practitioner to provide treatment options to illnesses such as skin rashes and headaches to chronic intestinal diseases as well as discover barriers to weight loss.

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